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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

VERY COOL Drinking Thingy...

Look what the Husky Dragged in!

Complete Drinkwell Big-Dog Fountain Kit
The box says: Simple, Safe. And proven to benefit your pet's health. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is a great way to show your pets just how much you care. The Drinkwell Fountain uses an innovative watering system featuring a patented free-falling stream of water. A large charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors giving your pet the best possible and most appealing way to stay hydrated.

Click here to check out the Drinkwell Fountain features!

How COOL is this thing??? I want one!!! There are two just sitting in boxes here. The hu-mom says that they are for the Sept. 15th Hike.

*SIGH* we never get to keep the cool stuff! She says who ever raises the most money in pledges gets one plus a whole bunch of other stuff and the third most pledges gets one too.. Wonder what those folk in the middle get? hmmm... Will need to check out the stuff on the table more.

Paws out,
Pandora (one of Butters pals)

PS. isn't that dog cute in the photo? The guy in Colorado who donated them.. that is his husky Takoda!

Did You Know? Lots of ways to Help your local rescue...

This is a Puppy Service Announcement from Sonic the Husky…

Follow-up phone calls:

Need a few people that are willing to make 4-5 calls a month to check up on dogs that have been adopted out already. Follow up ensures that the alumni dogs are doing well and that they are not in need or having behavior issues. Requires up to 2 hours or so a month.

Owner surrender phone calls and e-mails:

We need a few people that are willing to retrieve voicemails and make a few phone calls a week to people who want to surrender their dogs to rescue. Your job is trying to persuade them to NOT take the dog to a shelter but rather to work with our Owner Surrender Program and take the dog on approved adoptions, the same adoptions our foster dogs go to. Requires maybe 2 hours a week.

Shelter intake callers and website checkers:

Your job is to call and ask shelters that we work with if they have any huskies that can be listed on our site and the intake list that is distributed weekly. This is a very important list that we refer adopters to shelters that have dogs in need and we also pick foster dogs from this list. This job requires an hour or so a week.

Sanitation Guru:

Person of the highest qualification to go to foster homes and sanitize their yard. Will need to be friendly and bring their own scooper. Must be able to deal with lots of poop and remember to watch where they walk.

Disclaimer: One of these jobs is a hoax but the others are positions are available. Can you guess which is which? Please help out today!

If you would like to help rescue… it is more than just fostering. Contact your local rescue group today! If you live in NY, PA, NJ, DE, WV, MD, or CT consider giving the folks at Tails of the Tundra a shout! They helped me… who will be next?

Get started today: http://www.siberescue.com/Forms/volapplication.html

Your pal, Sonic.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Transylvania husky?

So....last week some of you good folks on Sibernet remember the sweet little husky/akita mix pup in MD that was going to be PTS? Well, one of our foster homes fell in love with the little girl and decided she wanted to foster little Abby....who is now Shawnee for TOTTSHR. She is just the sweetest little grl, no noises in her crate, slowly warming up to her foster pals and just a very cute little thing. Her foster mom also thnk she is a rare breed of Transylvania husky ....just look at those dark, Dracula like colorings and those peircing blue eyes! What are your votes?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nika's Star Challenge!

HEY EVERYPUP! It is Nika here, the girl who let Butters live in my home while he searched for his forever home! I have some VERY important news! I have put out a CHALLENGE TO EVERY DOGSTER!


Registration also gets you a goodie bag filled with great dog stuff, a hike T-shirt, and a Dog bandanna!

If you are not able to make it to PA, simply register as a remote hiker and we will MAIL everything to you!

For those who make it out, be sure to take part in the Dogster gathering photo! Here is the scoop:

Tails On The Trails: Dogs Of All Shapes & Sizes Are Invited!
The AKC has supplied a bunch of goodies too!

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Warminster Community Park in Warminster, PA
9 AM - 3 PM
Rain or Shine
For Details Visit: http://siberescue.com/Common/TailsTrails2007

We have folks traveling from a variety of places! and LOTS of great Dogsters to meet! A List of Pet Friendly places to stay can be found here.



AND!!!! All Dogsters who register... your name will also be entered to win a VERY cool prize! My hu-mom was going through her "art stuff" and decided that she will put all Dogster folks names in a hat and then one winner will be picked to win their choice of prints from her Teamwork Cartoons: http://www.paige8.com/Art/



Monday, August 20, 2007

News from the Butters

Hey Bloggin Buddies!

I hope you all have been having fun checking in here with all my rescue pals. I figured I’d drop in and give everyone an update!

I am doing REALLY REALLY GREAT! Imoya is a LOT of fun and I have been feeling more and more comfy playing with her and the humans here.

We go on car rides and sometimes I just get to chill out! Oh and for fun just two Saturday’s ago Imoya and I decided to play in the morning. And when I say morning.. I mean 5 am! Dad came down to see what the ruckus was about. I told him we were just having some FUN!

Thanks again everyone! Keep checking in here for new on me and my buddies!

Paws Out.
`Butters… aka The B Man!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Foster sister Kya here:)

So yesterday I woke up with poo all in my crate and then went a few more times outside and my momma said it had "red stuff" in it.....so she rushed me off to "the vet." Well the vet made me stay for all night! I missed my foster pals Pia and Roan and all my brothers and sisters so much that when mom called at 10 last night to check on my she heard me SCREAMING:)Anyway, I am home now and when she came to pick me up she noticed I had two pathetically shaved front paws. So...she asked what happed. The vet techs sqeeled on me that I chewed the first IV out and they had to put in a second and then they put this big coney thingy on my head...THATS why I was screaming....what the dog is that thing????? The other vet tech also told mom I was a "rocket scientist in a evil villanous way." Why whatever could he mean? He told mom that when he was setting up my IV fluids this morning I watched his every move and then when he left I prompty got ahold of the bag of fluids and chewed through then.....my side of the story is I was just thirsty and wanted to drink them in faster then he was allowing:) So he had to re-hang them and put them on a pole away from my cage.....I then turned my back to him and gave him my tush with my face to the back of the kennel (thats what I do when I am mad). They all loved me at the vet and said I am quite the "comedian" whatever that means.....I am just glad to be home and want to know when I won't look like a poodle anymore!

Kya aka. The Evil Villanous Rocket Scientist

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Saved at the last minute!

Hey all you bloggers.....my name is Roanoke, but my friends call me Roan:) I was the husky posted to Sibernet a few days ago that was to be PTS at 11:30 becuase the silly shelter thought I wasn't supposed to show my disdain to some hume they gave me to who hit me with a newspaper! HA...all I did was bear my teeth...he islucky I didn't get him where it counts! Anyway, my nice friends here at Tails came to my rescue and saved me and my new foster moms name is Aunty Jodi....she has lots of fun dogs to play with and a big backyard too! She says I am a sweet big blockhead and she likes me lots....I am now looking for my furever home and she said she will make POSITIVE it is nobody with any bad newspaper thoughts:) Right now I am still not nootered (whatever that means) and so I like to play "games" with the girls here, they get grouchy with me sometimes about that....dang women:)I am having a good time here until I find that final spot.....maybe I will write yall back soon!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Nika Dance...

Check Out Nika's New Dance!

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit Lollapalooza.com

Two Side to Every Story... You be the judge!

Hey everyone! My name is Dyani! I am one of Butters Bloggin' Buddies and I have a problem for you to solve!

So I was playing with Noa and Sonic and all of a sudden a giant hawk picked me up and almost ate me. Just before I was hawk breakfast my brothers scared the hawk and he dropped me in the sink. I had no choice but to stay there and clean the dishes. She should be grateful...what nerve she had to chase me away. I had to stand there giving her my classic "nobody's home" blank stare as I was frightened that the giant prey driven bird would come back and scoop me up. Why does she never understand these things?!

I was a little bit of a slacker last night and left some pots in the sink. This morning Dyani was feeling extra mischievous, especially now that she is more reliable with her potty training and has an ounce of freedom. She was playing with the boys (which always spells trouble) and all of a sudden I hear clanking in my kitchen. On occasion the dogs have taken Tupperware and things out fo the sink. I told them to leave it and heard nothing else. Not ten seconds later I hear clanking again and go to investigate. I look around the kitchen and see no dogs...I was about to turn around and leave and then that little witch caught my eye. She was STANDING on the COUNTER! Yes STANDING on the COUNTER with her head in the sink licking the pots. I told her to get off and she look at me as though I was nuts (with her blank stare that makes you think she is really not all that smart BTW) and ran down the counter to flea. Right over the STOVE! Needless to say I picked her up and put her on the floor and shamed her profusely through my laughter. That was more than counter surfing it was like counter boating. UGH!

I don't know.. but I think that Hawk was pretty darn scary!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pia's here....I'm in trouble again:(

So......a few weeks ago I was in one of those crate thingies that my mom keeps me in while she was at a rescue event and I decided it wasn't so fun anymore. So....I found a way out....and boy did I have fun! I had already scratched a small hole by pawing through my crate at the arm of the couch and some stuffing came out:) So, this time when I got out.....I figured it was just a BIG squeeky toy begging to be played with! I ripped it off the couch and took all the stuffing out....strangely enough there was no squeeky in there, those other dogs must have beat me to it! Then I took out a bunch of red plastic cups that my hume had under the island in the kitchen in a bag and threw them all around to play with......so when her brother got home he called and said, "boy did Pia have fun while you were out, it looks like the fourth of July in here!" So....my hume had a man come out today to assess the damage from my couch-capades and he wasn't so smart (atleast thats what my hume says). He walks in and saw all the dog crates...and all the fur (we are shedding something fierce this week from the HOT weather)....and do you know what he said? "Gee mam, you certainly have alot of feathers in here...do you have birds or something?" After my hume got done laughing at him....she said no, huskies...bet he will NEVER want one of us!

Pia puppy power

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What a dumb rodent!!!!

So my buddy Kya....who was one of the first friends I met when I was coming into rescue cause she and Aunty Jodi came with foster mommy Paige to evaluate me......felt like she needed to share about this super dumb rodent in her yard. The other morning all the pack went outside to do thier morning potties and when Aunty Jodi tried to call them in...there was a ruckus going on in the corner of the yard....and noone was a comin in! So.....Aunty Jodi looked a little closer...what was that thing perched on the top of her chain link fence? Was it a cat? Was it a super rat? Was it a mutant groundhog that can climb fences? She got a little closer and Kya and Angel were jumping at it trying to knock it down but it wouldn't budge...was it alive? Then she saw it breathe and blink its eyes...EEWWWWWWW! She got Angel in the house and grabbed a camera to snap this photo........Kya saying, "please Mr Rodent just come down for a minute, I swear I just wanna PLAY....hehehehe:)" All the dogs came in finally and the mutant dumb rodent disappeared....lucky for him!

Kya the red and white nemesis

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Butters Be Playin'


It’s Butters here and I wanted to Bark into all my fans to let you know I took a GIANT PAW OF FAITH tonight! I PLAYED WITH IMOYA! Yes that is right folks!! I am playing. Check out our video!

New Foster Blood!

Hi all...my name is Zodiac here....but my friends call me Zodie! I am a very handsome husky....or so I have been told and a mere 8 years young:) I was just returned to Tails because my owner who adopted me 5 years ago found herself in a living situation where she could no longer care for me. Once a Tail dog...always a Tails dog and so I am back looking for a new furever home. I like those little cat critters and even have fun with small dogs...some of the dogs my size...well, I need them to know I am boss, thats all! I had to go to the vet today and I was on my best doggie behavior.....even when they violated me with that dang thermometer thingy! Lucky for me I have already been told that I am nootered? so no sturgeries needed! Now.....I am on the look out for a new family....I hope they have little folks as I LOVE the kids! Until later.......your friend .......


Monday, August 6, 2007

Another furever home found!

Hey one and all.....my name is Nali (Oginali) and I am a Tails foster dog. I found my furever home on Saturday August 4th and am now living like a very spoiled king:) I am very close to my foster mommy and she says I can come visit anytime and will babysit me if my new family ever goes on vacation:) I sure would like that alot because as you can see from my picture....I sort of had a crush on my foster sister.....she was a cutie and I think she liked me too! My new name is Yuri and since I am 76 pounds of pure man....my foster momma thinks it fits. Updates to come as I cause a ruckus in my new home (just kidding:)

Yuri (aka Nali)

One Very PawSome Kid!

Hey Woos! I need to let you all know about this very very special kid! His name is Blake. And he is one of the most PawSomest kid's around! His Birthday is on August 14th, and instead of gifts for himself.. he is asking everyone to give to the rescue! How cool is that?

I think I'd let him put a sock or two on my ears just for being so PawSome!

Here are the details:

Happy Birthday Blake!Blake Reno of Butler, MO, has a Siberian Husky named Pooh, who he loves dearly. Pooh is so special to Blake that he decided to do something special for Siberian Huskies in need of rescue.

Blake will celebrate his 10th birthday on August 14th. In honor of Pooh, he has requested that everyone who would normally send him a card or a gift donate the money instead to Tails Of The Tundra to be used for Siberian Husky Rescue.

If you'd like to wish Blake a Happy Birthday please click here to make a donation in his name.

In celebration of Blake's Birthday be sure to check out:

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another Happy Home!

Hey woos!!! First I want to thank all my supporters! It seems there is a growing list of people who LOVE ME! I can't count past four.. but... looks like a LOT!

1. Foster mom Paige
2. Khyra ;)
3. Denali
4. Kiana
5. Echo
6. Kaynh
7. Summit the Super Mal
8. Shelly
9. Stormy
10. Marilyn and the Hubley Hooligans
11. Mikhah
12. Arashi

Darn it! I know there were more!! Okay more on that later...

But I wanted to share this one email that was pawed over to me by some pals in rescue about two dogs who found a fur-ever home together: Goeshe and Huron. If you recall Huron had a $5000+ surgery to fix his eyes. And Shay... well he was just Shay!
Anywoo.. it sounds like they found a WONDERFUL home!

Their humans wrote:

As for the boys, they are doing fine. Cheyenne is a good boy, the first, usually to settle down although he will initiate the play period on his own as well. It's interesting to see them with each other's hair in their mouths, especially Shay since Cheyenne is so fuzzy, when they do play (and play is an understatement!) with each other. When we are upstairs and they are together in the kitchen we hear some scuffling and then heavy banging as they bounce off one wall to another. The other day I walked into the kitchen to try to stop the very spirited activity and the picture was so comical - Cheyenne was leaning over Shay's back, with his back to me while Shay was moving a mile a minute carrying Cheyenne with him. Another time I saw them from the hallway as they passed through from the kitchen to the front door. Cheyenne, I believe was walking away from Shay (trying to get some peace) with Shay hooked onto his back leg. When I do try to break up the play as being a little too much for indoors, Cheyenne will sometimes hear me coming and break away as I arrive and lie down or leave the room as if to say: "who me? I didn't do anything - it was him; I've just been lying here quietly."

Cheyenne will also often indicate his preference to remain in the family room instead of proceeding back up to the kitchen after they come in from the yard. Again, I think that is to get some respite from Shay. On one such occasion, I discovered that Cheyenne had developed quite an interest in reading, as he had managed to remove a magazine from a basket (without disturbing the pile of magazines from which it was removed I might add, as nothing seemed out of place) and ripped it to shreds. Both have beautiful singing voices and I note that, when they are both first placed in their crates and think they are alone, will engage in a wicked howl in. Once I slept in and they were in their crates, not only did they howl in when dad first left but periodically communicated with each other over the next few hours. I finally got up and ran down to the family room thinking they would be in a tizzy but they were lying down and just singing along. They harmonize very well.

The boys appear to be good with strangers and accepting, at least Cheyenne is, of other animals. Shay has not yet been tested in that regard. They are a big hit at daycare every two weeks where they are referred to as "the boys."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pia the Puppy Power Vs Dyson The Animal!

Hey master bloggers, my friend Butters passed on the secret password before the humes adoptered him out. So I have something to tell you. Tonight my hume sister was using this noisy thing to suck up all the husky hair from the carpet and I thought it was a really fun toy (well...not as fun as the arm of my hume's couch that I ripped off and de-stuffed last week when I escaped my crate:). So anyway....I was playing chase with this sucky up thingy toy called the Dyson Animal (silly name...I have never seen a purple animal) and my hume mom and sister were laughing so hard and then all of the sudden.....the end of the hose on the sucky thing......tried to steal my tongue!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe the audacity of that purple thingy....an animal that would try to de-tongue me for no reason then I was trying to play......well guess I won't play with that dumb toy again:) So watch out all bloggers for the tongue stealing purple Dyson Animal toy........

Pia Puppy Power

Introducing Butters Bloggin' Buddies!

By popular request... I have convinced my new humans to let me continue to blog! So keep on checking in here as I provide updates on my new life. In addition, I gave out my pass codes out to all the foster pups who end up in the rescue This way they can jump in here and let everyone know about them too! My Bloggin' Buddies!
Now.. as for me. I am on day 4 of my new life! And BOY am I having fun! These folks were kind enough to provide a nice ramp thing so I can take car rides without having to jump in and out of the big vehicles. They have LOTS of toys for me. Not really sure what to do with them yet, but I like sniffing them and I put the round ones in my mouth.
OH.. I have a new girlfriend too! Her name is Imoya. Apparently she was in the rescue too! This family adopted her in 2003 and she tells me they are really great folks. Well I better run. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes. Don't forget you can still meet me at the hike on September 15th! I will be there with my new girl Imoya!
Paws Out,
A Paws-itive-ly Happy Butters!