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Monday, July 28, 2008

JOIN US at the 6th Annual Tails on the Trails!!


Registration has started for the 6th annual Tails on the Trails! Registration is ONLY $25 if you get it done early! When you register you get a one of a kind Tails on the Trails design Hike T-shirt, a bag FILLED with goodies, and a dog bandanna!

REMOTE HIKERS WELCOME-- Even if you can't join us the day of the hike you can still register and get all the goods! Simply indicate that you are a "remote hiker" and the Hike t-shirt, goodie bag and dog bandanna will all be mailed to you!

If you can make it out to the hike we have TONS of fun in store for you! Including weight pull, run what you brung, silent auction, a walk down memory lane, Agility demo, flyball dogs, alumni revue, ice cream eating contest for the dogs of course:) lots of vendors, great food, and of course lots of great dogs!

OH and for REMOTE HIKERS - we have another special treat for you this year! We know you hate not being able to make it out especially for our silent auction.. so this year we are brining it to you! Yup! You can buy tickets online!!!
So far we have a BEAUTIFUL QUILT and a Large Pet Stroller for older dogs.. yes a full grown husky will fit! Does one of your dogs have arthritis and misses the long walks together? Here is the solution!

All the details can be found here including local pet friendly places to stay!

Hope to see you there! And if you are a Dogster member don't forget the 12:30 group photo!

Monday, June 9, 2008

eBay Items Listed: Siberian Dreamcatcher, Mugs, Toys, etc..

Please spread the word!

The eBay auction to help Siberian Husky Rescue has started and there are well over 100 items to check out! Yet to be added are a few more items including the infamous Totti Stuffie!) Even if you don't want to bid you might enjoy some of the photos- The dogs worked hard to model for this auction!

Some of the items include:
-Alaskan Malamute Books
-Vintage Fly Fishing Gear
-SIGNED Limited Edition Lindstrand Prints
-Beautiful Dreamcatchers
-Great Lot Full of Toys!!
-Great Camping chair which doubles as a Cooler!
-Lots of Stuffies, Mugs, and So Many more Unique Siberian Husky Items!

Here is the link to see what's listed, don't forget to keep checking in for NEW ITEMS:

You can also view the auction through our Auctivia site and view by category:

Remember to bid early, often and high - every cent helps the rescue!

This auction benefits Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue is a
nonprofit (501c3) volunteer organization, formed to help Siberian Huskies
and Siberian Husky Mixes that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or
surrendered by their owners.

Thank you for your support! And of course please feel free to spread the word!

Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue

Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet My Friend TOTTI who has been to the Iditarod!

Hey EVERYONE!!! Butters here. I want you all to meet my good friend TOTTI! Totti has been on LOTS of adventures including recently in Karen Ramstead's sled on the Iditarod Trail!!!! Please stop by and read about his adventures: http://totti-tottshr.blogspot.com/ He is working on adding some pictures and video's from his travels. Be patient.. he is a little stuffy in the brains:)! BOL!! OH and he will be up for auction in May to benefit TAILS OF THE TUNDRA!!! How cool is that?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Buddies... Make an Informed Purchase.. or NONE at all!

Hey guys.. I just wanted to make sure you know about this article on Snow Buddies. It looks like a cute movie, but I just can't get past the sadness of knowing some puppies were shipped out WAY too early to make this movie and then some even died. It was so irresponsible on the part of the movie makers as well as the breeders.

Anyway.. please share this article with folks, so they can read before they buy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Meet Charleston Chew!

Charleston Chew
My Friends call me CHEWY!

My Foster mommy tells my story best:

Chewy is a beautiful black & white with shades of tan husky. He has one blue eye & 1 light brown eye. He has 2 stripes that come down his face that make him stand out from the average husky markings. He has long legs and he loves to give kisses.

Chewy was rescued by a young couple in Maryland. They kept him 3 weeks in hopes of locating his owner, but with 2 other dogs in the home & a move coming up they could not keep him. They decided to give him a fresh start to the new year and with tears in their eyes, on 01-20-2008, they surrendered Chewy to foster care with TOTTSHR.

He was very skinny, very scared and flea infested. He was also in need of a bath. The bath took care of the fleas, good food is filling him out & he has became very comfortable very quickly at his foster home.

He was altered on 01-29-08 and at that time he also tested positive for Lyme's disease. He is not symptomatic and he is currently being treated for it.

Chewy has lit up my household. When he comes in the room-everyone
smiles. He gets along with every dog he has met so far (4 and counting).

He is cat friendly, he wants to play with my cat, but he is very respectful of her and will stop looking at her the minute you call him.

He is a huge woo woo er. He likes to talk and when he is happy-especially at dinner time he will talk your ear off.

He is not fence tested, so I use a 40 foot lead which he does very well with. He goes potty on the lead or a leash. He is great both in the car & on a leash, and he loves to go bye bye.

Chewy is looking for his forever home, and I am sure he will find one soon as this dog is a great catch!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Aren't puppies fun? Well Keema and Ramu certainly were a blast up in Warren. Keema is still looking for her furever home, but Ramu was adopted within a day of arriving in rescue! Keema is the black and white.. boy look at those little devils go!

And here is Ramu with his sister Basha.. WOW!! What a good Alien Face!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from Warren

I had a real blast despite the fact that my humans felt the need to dress me up like an 80's flashback to flash dance with Leg Warmers!! I know they were just trying to protect me from the cold weather. Check out my Dogster page for lots of pictures too!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Leavin' On A Truck Ride..

Butters here.. Check it out folks! I am going to WARREN PA for the sled dog races!!! My folks said we are going to stay in a cabin with the infamous Nika and Angel. This is going to be soo much fun.
Maybe you can stop by for a visit?


Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News & Bad News

Well it turns out that the nasty mass on my leg had some cancer cells in it! But the good news is that is all gone now and the type of cancer it was doesn’t normally spread. Here is what my vet said: “Butters had a mass removed from his left front limb and surgically biopsied. The mass was diagnosed as a hemangiopericytoma. This is a locally infiltrative tumor that can recur after surgical excision. It does not normally spread anywhere else in the body (it does not metastasize). So, Butters should make a full recovery and will not be affected systemically by the tumor, but the mass may regrow on his limb in the future and he could need a second surgery.”

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pathetic Butters...

Okay.. if you insist! Here I am being pathetic after surgery:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Butters Had Surgery

Hey everyone! Butters here. I just wanted to let you know I had surgery yesterday and everything went perfect! They removed the lump on my leg and had my teeth cleaned. Now I just sparkle! Dad took the day off to spend time with me and make sure Imoya doesn't hassle me too much:) I know she missed me!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

My hu-mom has told me that over the past 2 weeks Tails of the Tundra has pulled in 3 red and white dogs....I think it is in honor of me....the Butters:) They are Yakiska, Zuni and Asher.......two girls and a boy. Yakiska is a 10 month old girl with alot of attitude that REALLY needs to be adjusted so she will be around for a bit, but she is only 10 months old....so hopefully she will straighten up. Zuni is a 3 year old wooly girl (pictured) that was in a shelter after not being contained well by her previous owners. She also had Pyometria and the shelter spayed her and saved her life....her foster mom has a soft spot for woolies and couldn't say no to fostering her! Asher....well, he is the sweetest little 10 month old pup who came in as a stray and was rescued from the same shelter Zuni came from....by the way they came in on the day before New Years Eve...happy one for them! So.....it is a red and white start to the New year for TOTT....the Butters LOVES IT!