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Saturday, June 30, 2007

OH...the adoption day torture!!!!

So today the evil one wakes me up all early in the morning, packs me into her convertible and takes me for a ride. I think....ok, a ride is fun, this could be good......I should have known better! We get to a strange house where I meet some folks I have never met before, some weird little critters that have four legs like me....but they hiss and spit. WHOAH....they scared me half to death I have to tell ya, I avoided them at all costs hiding behind the evil ones legs! She said we were at an "adoption" whatever that means. I also got to meet another cool dog named Barrow.....he was a slow older dude like me, I liked him other then he had some sort of mutant paw with only 3 toes....it was silly looking but he didn't seem to care:)So why the nice lady who lived there was deciding who she wanted to "adopt".....the evil one takes me out into the yard and plays "bowling with Butters." It was NOT nice....she kept tossing me in the ivy and taking pictures.....muttering something about calender pictures? I have no idea what she was talking about but I tell you...that was not a fun game and even though I look like I was modeling beatifully, secretly i was protesting inside! Then the nice lady picked the mutant paw dog....so why they are all inside doing the paperwork......they stick me...BUTTERS....in a big kennel! Can you believe the nerve of these humans? First in the ivy, then the kennel.....but don't you worry...I told them a thing or two through that window and I saw the evil one watching me so I know she heard me:)Until later....I need a nap...these "adoption days" are tiring!


Friday, June 29, 2007

Froggie torture!!!!!!!!!!

So just when the evil one lured me into a false sense of security last night and she slipped in the room alone with me for some personal one on one time.....I should have known something was up! She starts torturing me with this green fuzzy frog thing...like I am supposed to know what the heck to do with it! The thing comes flying at my face, nearly scaring the dogster right out of me.....what is she thinking? Once she stopped throwing the frog at me, I kinda liked it and poked at it a bit....then she got all excited and said I "played" with my first toy. Whatever makes her happy so she doesn't THROW it at me again!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

So far so good......atleast for me:)

SO.....I have managed to remain low on the evil one's radar tonight so far. I can't say the same for the big hairy dog.....as you can see in the picture behind me. He must have done something really bad cause they have had him in that jail for a long time. They only let him out to pee and they gave him a REALLY bad haircut on only one side of his butt.....HAAA, how embarassed must he be! Poor Rudi (thats what they call him)he woowooo's all the time in protest too and they just think it is the sweetest thing....if they only knew what he was REALLY SAYING........


This morning's act

So.....you obviously all saw that my act to stand my ground at the top of the stairs did not work last night. Instead it resulted in the evil one running down without me to fetch slippers and running back up to humiliate me once again! I did finally figure out the video thing to show you all what I am talking about with that spoiled princess Nika....can you believe that travesty???? So, in order to stay safe this morning and to avoid and morning devastation by the evil one before she left for work, I decided to "play dead" on my pillow so she would leave me alone.....hey it worked:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Madness!

This is the spoon feeding of the Nika I am wooing about!

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Callling all dogs...calling all dogs, please go steal your humans credit card thingy's and bid for this item on the TOTT E-bay auction QUICK!

The purely evil master noticed tonight that not one single person has bid on them yet and soooo........even after I did a happy dance to see her when she got home tonight, look at the shame that she has put me through once again:( If there are no bids soon, I shudder to think what she may think of next.......please BID!

Butters (the embarassed)

Last night's woe's

So....after I had to rush to hide myself from the evil master Paige last night, let me tell you about the rest of my night. That princess dog Nika that lives with me....well she just had "liver sturgery" or somethin and she is REALLY milkin it for all its worth. She needs to be carried up and down the stairs, master Paige is feeding her with a spoon (yes this is the same one who puts toys on my nose for the Ebay auction and takes cruel pictures of ME), and she gets to spend extra alone time with the master! I had to walk right through a baby gate with my head the other day to join them.....good thing I have a hard dome! Can you all believe the torturous ways I must endure? Ok, so maybe I am a little crazy to want to spend time with the evil one....but secretly I hear she likes me:) I still am thinking of protesting at the top of the stairs tonight until the evil one picks me up and carries me down too. Until later........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hey there everyone......please do not tell the evil and cruel master Paige but I have finally found somewhere to "voice" my own opinions. It is something called a blg? Some other huskies wooed it in my ear and now I am using my secret opposable thumbs to tell the world about all the torturous things she has done to me. The socks on my ears....did anyone see that, how humiliating! Oh no....here she comes, must hide the thumbs so she doesn't know or I will be exposed..........



Hey everyone! I am Butters.

And I am a foster dog with Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue.