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Friday, September 21, 2007

Girls against Boys....Girls=1: Boys=0

So Mia Pia here, my foster sister Kya and I thought we would play a fun game today and piss off the humom at the same time.....and boy did it work. The game was....see how dumb the big rock headed white foster Roan is and how dirty we could get him! Out back in our yard the humom has an air conditioner running (for us of course) and underneath there is always a pile of condensation water. She has tried (to no avail by the way) to keep us out of it...but it is a play magnet! So today......us girls lored the big dumb boy into the water hole and dirtied him up real good:) You should have seen the humom's face when she saw HIS face and paws......doggie priceless! Notice how us girls are only slightly dirty don't you? ARRRROOOO

Pia & Kya

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Like Dogster? I LOVE DOGSTER!!! See what they sent for our 12:30 noon Group Photo! Plus stickers and buttons for all.. shirts and Plus accounts certificates too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OH NO!!! Stuffies have taken OVER!!!

STUFFIES EVERYWHERE!!!! Nika, Pandora and Fugas try to find their way through the mess! So much stuff.. all for the Hike too!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Check out what my new mommy did! It's the Butters Memory Match Game!

It's Me Butters! Gearing up for the BIG DAY!!

Hey every pup! That's right it's Butters here.. and I can't wait to meet all my pals! Can you believe it? The Hike is less that a week away!!! I get to meet THE Khyra! SO EXCITING!!!

Me and my new peeps decided to lend our 30 foot trailer for the day to the Tails on the Trails. The trailer will be the air conditioned and provide a special place for the AVID Microchipping and Pet First Aid Unit. I can't get over how much stuff there is going to be to do!! Sledding, Scootering, even Weight Pull... this should be fun to watch other pups try these things out! I also hear there is a K-9 Demo, my good ol' Foster mom wants to put a Mike Vick shirt on the cop who is being attacked in the demo! Then there is this Scavenger Hunt. Nika tells me that there is a BAG fFULL of really cool gifts for folks to win! Lots of Vendors... Games for us dogs including an ICE CREAM EATING CONTEST!! I'd bet I'd be really good at that! Funnel Cake? Hmm.. sounds yummy too!! Here is the link to the full list.

ANYWOO's..... today my pal Imoya and I met Nika and Vienna out at the hike spot today to look things over. Here are some photos:

Here I am being Handsome!

From Left to Right (excluding Humans) Vienna, Imoya, Me, Nika

Walking with my Imoya and the Peeps.

That's my hu-dad with me and Imoya.. we are checking out the Pavilion.

That's it for now... I hope to see you all at the Tails on the Trails this coming Saturday!!!

~Paws Out,

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Ruff Day

Hey Bloggin' Buddies. I am Vienna... I was adopted through Tails of the Tundra and boy do I have a ruff life! This Tails on the Trail Event is really starting to intrude on my life here. Today a bunch of humes came over to my house and FILLED my house with stuff and then they started throwing all this good stuff in bags! Something about Goodie Bags for the Registered hikers at the Tails on the Trails event? I really could have saved them all a lot of work.. I could have just eaten everything!

Oh and then GET THIS! Apparently BEFORE the REALLY REALLY good box of Yummy Chummies arrived Some other dogs got to taste test them all! HOW RUDE IS THAT?

Sure I got a few bites, but look at these photo's I found on my humes computer of Rudi and Fugas digging into the box!

Then later poor Naji (the little girl I lived with when I was in foster care).. she got trapped in all the goodie bags! Thankfully I she had a stuffy to keep her company until we could dig her out!

If you haven't already.. I sure do hope you register for the hike.. at least that way I haven't gone through all this horror for nothing!

Your Pal, Vienna