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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Buddies... Make an Informed Purchase.. or NONE at all!

Hey guys.. I just wanted to make sure you know about this article on Snow Buddies. It looks like a cute movie, but I just can't get past the sadness of knowing some puppies were shipped out WAY too early to make this movie and then some even died. It was so irresponsible on the part of the movie makers as well as the breeders.

Anyway.. please share this article with folks, so they can read before they buy!


Holly said...

I will NOT be buying that movie. What a horrible thing all those poor puppies had to go through. Disney should be ashamed!!


Amici said...

We read about the makings of Snow Buddies. It really is horrible. It sounds like it took a few litters of puppies to "get the movie" right. sad, very sad.

Tucker said...

Oops! Did you post this a whole two weeks ago?

I'm sorry I missed it back then!

Thanks for spreading the word on the evil Disney empire!

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